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Insect Neuropeptides - Adipokinetic Hormone

The cladograms were generated using all sequences available in the database. However, caution is advised for any interpretation of phylogenetic relationship. The alignments and sequence logos were generated based on the insect order. These enable a quick and visual description of the peptide sequence, highlighting residues which might be important for function.
Please note : In some neuropeptide families, all sequences were used to generate the alignments and sequence logos rather than by insect order.
The cladograms and alignments were generated using CLC Genomics Workbench v8.5 (www.clcbio.com).The Seqlogo images were generated using the Weblogo3 web-based application (weblogo.threeplusone.com). Alignments and Seqlogos for insect orders with less than 5 sequences are not generated.
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Full Cladogram for Adipokinetic Hormone


Alignments and SeqLogos for Adipokinetic Hormone

Order - Collembola


Order - Orthoptera


Order - Lepidoptera


Order - Hemiptera


Order - Mantophasmatodea


Order - Hymenoptera


Order - Isoptera


Order - Blattodea


Order - Odonata


Order - Diptera


Order - Coleoptera