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Insect Neuropeptides - Elevenin


A cDNA sequence encoding a neuropeptide precursor was isolated from a single neuron, designated neuron L11, in the Aplysia californica abdominal ganglion in 1984 (Taussig et al., 1984). However, the mature peptide produced from this precursor was not identified until recently when genes encoding this precursor were identified in other mollusks and insects (Veenstra, 2010). This peptide was named elevenin, referring to the L11 neuron from which it was originally isolated. Elevenin contains two cysteine residues, which could form a disulfide bridge. Thus it is structurally related to CCHamide and excitatory peptide (EP); the later is found in annelids and mollusks (Jékely, 2013). The first elevenin receptor (GPCR) was recently deorphanized in the annelid Platynereis dumerilii and was shown to be related to CCHa/EP/neuromedin-B/gastrin-releasing peptide receptors (Bauknecht and Jékely, 2015). However, an insect elevenin receptor has not yet been deorphanized. Elevenin (and possibly its receptor) has been lost in Drosophila.


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